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JB Tuning Rear Hub Nut Locking Ring Kit (octopus rear hub)
  • JB Tuning Rear Hub Nut Locking Ring Kit (octopus rear hub)

    These are the new JB Tuning Rear hub nut locking ring.

    These are our take on the Lambretta rear hub locking ring but with a few different features. The first I’m sure you can all see is the thickness. We have gone extra thick on these for a number of reason but the most important reason is so you can get the extra added forcing clamp needed when fully tightened to the hub. We have also buried the head of the Allen bolt for that cool fluch look. We have also added our own design to the Allen bolt as well.

    Over the years we have seen many locking rings come loose, become damaged due to vibration or complete missing.

    We designed the locking ring with all this in mind.

    We have tighten all tolerances so that the locking ring once fitted is tight against the rear hub nut. We have also designed the Allen bolts them selfs to also become a locking feature as you can see in the pictures. Where the Allen bolt also tightens up against the rear hub nut.

    Please note We have designed these purposely for the octopus rear hub and the kits is a plug and play kit. but they will also fit any Lambretta hub but you will need to cut down the Allen bolts if you are using it on a NON CASA PERFORMANCE OCTOPUS REAR HUB. The difference is the length of the Allen bolts so if you are wanting this to fit on your non octopus rear hub then please note you will need to slightly trim the length down alittle.

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